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NEWNTIDE Introduced the Latest Heat Pump Series at Chillventa 2022

Date:2022-10-14 17:09:47 Hits: 0

From October 11th to 13th, NEWNTIDE participated in Chillventa Expo in Nuremberg, Germany, which saw an influx of visitors, ending with great success. Chillventa Expo is the leading international exhibition for the heat pump industry, bringing together professionals worldwide to showcase and test the latest technology. As one of them, NEWNTIDE is expanding its presence in the international market, which is a milestone for it.


Over the course of three days, NEWNTIDE introduced the latest heat pump solutions to visitors at the expo with great success and acclaim.

Sunshine Series Monobloc Heat Pump

The Sunshine Series uses environmentally friendly R32 refrigerant, which enables the entire system to reduce emissions to protect the environment, in line with the current F-gas regulation 517/2014. This unit is specially developed as an all-in-one unit that integrates a built-in expansion tank, a backup electric heater and a circulating pump in one housing to reduce installation area and piping, providing an energy-efficient solution for space heating, cooling, and water production.

Using DC frequency conversion technology, it can achieve soft start, rapid heating, and constant temperature to ensure pleasant and comfortable. What's more, under the same operating conditions, the Sunshine series is proven to have a higher COP compared to conventional inverter heat pumps with the same heating capacity. Another highlight is the Wi-Fi remote control, which allows users to easily control the heat pump anytime, anywhere, regardless of distance.

All the unparalleled features made this collection stand out as our star model and received special attention and appreciation at the three-day Chillventa Expo.


Hot Spot Series All-in-one Residential Water Heater

As a domestic hot water solution, safety, longevity and energy saving are the top concerns of end users. Hot Spot Series water heater has excellent performance and can be heated up to 75°C, which not only meets the needs of domestic hot water use but also effectively disinfects to ensure the safety of water for residents. Equipped with an enamel inner water tank and outsourced micro-channel heat exchanger, which can effectively prevent corrosion and scale and prolong the service life. These units are available in 4 different tank volumes and can be used in different houses.

On the front of the heat pump, there is an LED touchscreen panel with clear text and icons, where users can easily set a target temperature and easily track the status or timers.

The attraction is that the Hot Spot series can save up to 75% of energy compared to other water heaters with a highly efficient rotary compressor. The advantages of hardware, precise control system, and the characteristics of environmental protection and energy saving make this product a leader in the domestic hot water heating category.


Air source heat pumps extract outside air heat to heat or cool a room, or to produce hot water. Due to their reduced emissions and proven energy savings, heat pumps have been seen as an important solution for the IEA to achieve net zero emissions by 2050. As a leading China manufacturer with 19 years of experience and large production capacity, NEWNTIDE will continue to bring the industry's energy-saving products to the world and share a green future together.


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