How to Extend the Lifespan of a Swimming Pool Heat Pump

Swimming pool heat pumps are widely used in temperature-controlled swimming pools due to their outstanding performance in reducing running costs, providing excellent efficiency, and minimizing maintenance costs. In addition, an air-source heat pump for a swimming pool can provide a considerable return on investment in a short period and extend your swimming season. Moreover, due to the increasing global demand for low-carbon and environmental protection, governments in many countries have issued preferential policies to support the development of low-carbon industries. As a result, the air source heat pump has gained unprecedented market potential worldwide with all those aspects.

Average Lifespan of a Swimming Heat Pump

For swimming pool heat pumps buyers or agents, in addition to caring about its overall performance or market potential, the frequently asked question is: How long is the service life of the heat pump?

Generally speaking, the average lifespan of a swimming pool heat pump can reach 15 years by choosing a trustworthy manufacturer with proper installation and maintenance. So, what factors affect the service life of the swimming pool heat pump?

Factors That Affect the Lifespan of the Swimming Pool Heat Pump

  • Water Chemicals:

    When the water becomes out of balance or has high quantities of strong chemicals, it can erode and destroy the interior components of your heat pump and cause a chemical breakdown in your pool system. 
  • Improper Maintenance:

    The air source heat pump for the swimming pool is one of the most sophisticated pieces of equipment in your swimming pool’s functioning. Any leaves, twigs, and other debris from the top of your air source heat pump for the swimming pool can obstruct the airflow of the heat pump.
  • Electrical Connection:

    When the flow of electricity is halted and restarted, or when something sends electricity pouring back into the system, power surges occur. Outages and power surges can drastically shorten the service life of your swimming pool heat pump.

How to Extend the Lifespan of the Swimming Pool Heat Pump

  • It is recommended to check the pool’s PH balance regularly. Maintaining the PH and alkalinity of your swimming pool water at the proper levels (PH 7.4-7.6) helps your heat pump last longer. 
  • The service life of the heat pump can be extended much beyond the warranty period if it maintains properly. Remove all leaves, twigs, and other debris from the swimming pool heat pump to ensure adequate ventilation. In addition, we suggest hiring a licensed heat pump technician to do annual maintenance on your device, including cleaning internal components, inspecting electrical connections, testing water flow, and assuring appropriate functioning. 
  • To reduce the impact of power surges and outages on the heat pump, please make sure a professional electrician performs all electrical work on the device. Don’t try to undertake any electrical work on your own. Additionally, ground the wiring and add a surge protection kit to safeguard your air source heat pump from power surges is necessary. 

To extend the lifespan of the air source heat pump, it is important to maintain your heat pump, as we mentioned above, but most importantly, to choose a reliable heat pump supplier with a complete and qualified heat pump industrial chain. NEWNTIDE has been focusing on the heat pump industry for over 19 years, with over 2 million production capacity sets per year. Click and view swimming pool heat pumps for sale, or contact our experts directly for more.