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Different Kinds of Pool Heat Pumps

As a professional swimming heat pump manufacturer and enterprise, NEWNTIDE gained wide recognition for high-tech research and development of air source heat pumps in China. It has been focused on multi-field application solutions of heat pump technology, creating a unique and overwhelming brand effect.

The pool heat pump catalog includes mini / above-ground pool heat pumps, inground pool heat pumps, ON/OFF pool heat pumps, inverter pool heat pumps, and residential and commercial heat pumps. The products meet the actual needs of users. In addition, NEWNTIDE has two production bases, 13 automated production lines, 16 international laboratories, with Intertek, SGS, and Kiwa certified, 44 advanced material testing machines, main parts factory, and a complete industrial chain. At the management level, 7S high-quality manufacturing management, 68 product processes, 12 quality inspections, multiple international/domestic quality standard system certifications, and more than 300 scientific and technological certifications, ensure product quality and create extra value for customers.

Key Features of Different Kinds of Pool Heat Pump

At present, the swimming pool heat pumps independently developed by NEWNTIDE are roughly divided into 3 kinds according to technology and usage scenarios.

  • Mini / Above-ground VS. Inground Heat Pump

The mini or above-ground pool heat pump is a compact design unit suitable for small-sized pools, such as kid’s Pool, portable Pool, inflatable Pool, Jacuzzi, spas, and other small above-ground pools. It is the most cost-effective and energy-saving equipment to enjoy swimming fun any time you want. Compared with the above-ground pools, the inground pool requires a large capacity and efficiency to support the heating needs. Considering its long-term running, some people need to buy the inground pool heat pump and the appearance and high efficiency become two main factors when people place an order.

  • ON/OFF VS. Inverter Heat Pump

ON/OFF pool heat pump is a more simple system that decides that it cost less in product and maintenance fees. People prefer an ON/OFF heat pump when the budget is tight or not using it regularly. However, when swimming is an important and routine activity for you, having an inverter heat pump can save a lot of energy bills and bring a more comfortable swimming experience, for its constant temperature and low noise.

  • Residential VS. Commercial Heat Pump

It’s easy to understand that these two heat pumps are different for the application conditions in pool sizes. People only need to purchase a residential pool heat pump for household use. If you have a rather big pool, you might consider a light commercial pool heat pump. However, a commercial pool heat pump is used in hotels, aqua, water park, and sports venues.

Why Choose NEWNTIDE as Your Long-Term Partner?

Strict Quality Inspection

NEWNTIDE strives to exceed the expectations of customers around the world with perfect quality, all our details must be subject to high standards and strict six-step testing. According to different needs, it provides OEM/ODM services to meet different needs and ensure top quality and reliability of products

Quality Service

As a professional manufacturer of pool heat pumps, NEWNTIDE insists on customer satisfaction as the value orientation and honest management as the basis and has become a long-term and reliable pool heat pump wholesale partner for customers in many countries. Team building is an important form of self-management and effective communication, so we not only guarantee the quality of serving customers but also bring our employees into different team building, to truly feel the quality and effect of the team’s service.

Patents & Certificate

Brand certification, product quality, safety, and reliability are the most important, and NEWNTIDE has passed several international certifications, including CE, CB, ETL, SASO, etc. The heat pump has more than 1,100 national and international patents, highlighting our great emphasis on technological innovation and investment in scientific research, focusing on improving the professionalism of our brands and gaining more customer recognition.

Improved Efficiency

Since the start of automatic line production, the order production speed production has increased significantly, shortening the production time of finished products, while ensuring higher production efficiency and product quality. The above methods are all designed to maximize efficiency and optimize cost. NEWNTDE has a strong backing in international competition, providing OEM&ODM and other services.

Advanced Technology

NEWNTDE has technical and professional certifications that are in line with overseas markets, provides key technologies, and is used in different categories, including full frequency conversion technology, EVI ultra-low technology, high-temperature hot water technology, central heating technology, and commercial heating technology. With its innovative heating solutions, it can save up to 75% of energy, make our lives more sustainable, and achieve the goal of carbon dioxide neutralization.

Not only the swimming pool heat pumps, but you can also choose your own customized other products according to your needs, each of which is of perfect quality, making your product unique. In the choice of unique heat pump customization, NEWNTIDE provides support for OEM/ODM services and customer customization services.