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EVI Heat Pump: All Features and Benefits You Should Know

The incessant development of science and technology has brought immense innovations that are convenient for our lives. Among types of innovations, one of the most significant examples is the advent of the EVI heat pump, the new arrival of heating and cooling heat pumps that is applied to the low-temperature ambient environment. Since they have been widely used around the globe, the acclaim for EVI heat pumps has been ever-growing in recent days. 

However, do you ever know what the EVI heat pump is? Why does an increasing number of people tend to choose EVI heat pumps? And where can you install these eco-friendly EVI heat pumps? This article will guide you to figure out all.

What is the EVI Heat Pump?

It is acknowledged that people are prone to live in an environment where they can turn on the heat pump when it is cold and have air conditioning when it is hot. However, the ordinary heat pump with low efficiency can not fulfill these two requirements and will cost more bills and energy. And that’s why the EVI heat pump comes out to satisfy different needs. 

EVI, which stands for “Enhanced Vapor Injection,” is an up-to-tier technology mainly used on heating and cooling heat pumps to achieve superior performance and save energy no matter what season it is. In addition, EVI heat pumps resolve obstacles confronted by ordinary heat pumps, especially for overcoming the limitation of maximum flow temperature in cold weather. 

The Main Features and Benefits of EVI Heat Pumps

Among the bountiful merits of EVI heat pumps that attract more people to buy these innovative inverter heat pumps, there are a few significant pros that you should never neglect:

1.Wider Operating Range

With the use of EVI technology, the Sunpro Series EVI heat pump has a strong heating capability to run effectively and stably in a cold climate where the lowest air temperature reaches -30℃. Not only that, it achieves smooth cooling when the temperature exceeds 40℃, satisfying users with heating and cooling requirements. 

2.Better Temperature Control

Most heating and cooling heat pumps have a big hot and cold temperature fluctuation, causing longer running times and higher energy bills. However, with the help of DC inverter technology, the EVI heat pump adjusts the running speed according to the temperature to make the most efficient use of energy. 

Once the ideal temperature is reached, the EVI heat pump will throttle back and maintain the desired temperature with a smaller temperature fluctuation, bringing a comfortable user experience.  

3. Fast Defrosting Speed

The EVI heat pump adopts intelligent defrosting technology to defrost in relatively cold weather. For instance, at 0℃, the ordinary ON/OFF heat pump takes 5-10 minutes to defrost, while the EVI heat pump needs only 2-3 minutes. In addition, some EVI heat pumps are designed with anti-freezing protection to better avoid freezing problems, improving the working efficiency in cold weather. 

4.Lower Operating Cost

EVI heat pumps allow more heat delivered at much lower temperatures, resulting in a better COP and reducing energy costs. Due to the low-temperature heat pump technology and the high energy efficiency, the EVI heat pump is about 70% more energy-saving than electric boilers, and the average cost of the EVI heat pump is around 60% of an electric boiler. 

The Major Applications of EVI Heat Pumps

With the countless merits that the EVI heat pump provides, it has a copious number of applications. And some major uses are mentioned below:

√Space heating

√Space cooling

√Domestic hot water

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