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How Does Heating and Cooling Heat Pump Achieve Three-in-one Use

Nowadays, people are more aware of guarding the environment from harm and reducing carbon emissions, and this phenomenon drives an energy-saving and protecting environmental trend. Many countries and regions adopt innovative technologies in order to bring less harm to the environment and humans. Among them, the three-in-one heating and cooling heat pump play an essential role in reducing energy consumption.

What is the Heating and Cooling Heat Pump?

The heating and cooling heat pump is a widely used and electrically powered device that can absorb heat thermal and transit the heating to spaces. The latest heating and cooling heat pump adopt advanced technology, including EVI heat pump technology and inverter heat pump technology, to better operate at a relatively low and high temperature. 

It is worth mentioning that a new technology, named three-in-one technology, has been developed on the basis of the ordinary heating and cooling heat pump to provide users with an integrated product but focus on multiple functions.To maximize the function of the machine, we bring the three-in-one heat pump with innovative technology and high efficiency.   

What Does the Three-in-one Function Include?

The three-in-one inverter heat pump achieves low energy consumption while providing three main functions, which include:

√ Heating in Cold Winter

The heating and cooling heat pump will heat the house to a desirable temperature and maintain it by pulling the heat from inside and then pushing the heat to the outside.

√ Cooling in Hot Summer

On the contrary, the heating and cooling heat pump is a capable assistant in cooling the house in summer by extracting the heat inside the house and then transmitting it to the outside of the house.

√ Preparing Hot Water for Domestic Use

Another significant advantage of the three-in-one heat pump is that it can store and prepare hot water for daily use under any circumstances, greatly improving the user experience. 

How Does the Heat Pump Achieve Three-in-one Use?

The heating and cooling heat pump applies advanced electronic control logic and cooperates with key components to achieve the effective heating, cooling and domestic hot water.

√ Built-in Expansion Tank

The built-in expansion tank is a crucial component whose effect can not be ignored by us. With the steady operation of the expansion tank, it can eliminate the water hammer to stabilize pressure and unload, ensuring the stability of the water pressure of the whole heat pump system. In addition, the expansion tank can successfully buffer the pressure fluctuation of the system and maintain the dynamic balance of the heat pump system

√ Built-in Electric Heater

Another major component of the heating and cooling heat pump is electric heating, which acts to cool the house and heat the water. For instance, if the temperature of the water tank does not reach the set temperature or the water is difficult to heat up in cold weather, the built-in electric heating will automatically start the heat of the domestic hot water, promising 24-hour water supply. 

√ Built-in Circulating Pump

The built-in circulating water pump aims at transporting water or regulating water pressure. In addition, the water pump is directly related to the running capacity and transport capacity of the heating and cooling heat pump. If the water pump is always stable, the inverter heat pump will maintain the most appropriate cooling, heating, and transporting capacity. 

Where to Buy the Best Three-in-one Heating and Cooling Heat Pump?

As aforementioned, the heating and cooling heat pump feature with three-in-one functions has become a necessity for people who need to heat, cool the house, and store hot water. If you are the one who is looking forward to the best three-in-one heating and cooling heat pump, look no further than NEWNTIDE.

Deeply cultivating in the heat pump industry for two decades, NEWNTIDE is setting a new standard for heating and cooling heat pumps that can delight your user experience. With the focus on R&D and rigorous innovation, we have obtained 1,100 patents and innovated the self-developed EVI heat pump technology and intelligent defrosting system to make life more sustainable and eco-friendly.

For any questions about our three-in-one heating and cooling heat pumps, get in touch with our experts now. We are glad to assist with all your inquiries.